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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Painting progress (P-47s, Hurricane)

Another weekend painting session, highlighted by lots of detail work on P-47s and an upper surface coat on a Hurricane.

For the rattlesnake P-47, each wing and tail tip has a black and yellow stripe. In addition, the cowl is also black and yellow. I had already painted and masked the Insignia Yellow portions, so now I hit it with Gloss Black. There were some thinning issues (too thin) which caused a weird bubble-like surface on two of the tips. These were wiped off and reshot. Whether this will require more intervention, such as a complete sandoff and respray, will have to wait until the paint cures and I can see what the surface looks like.

Two other P-47s, “Pride of Lodi” and “Passionate Patsy”, require white tails. One needed its cowl flaps painted as well. In addition, I picked up some bits from the Barracuda that needed white paint. Mostly sensors.

The upper surfaces of the Yugoslavian Hurricane got a coat of Middle Stone. It looked pretty smooth, so if it cures properly I’ll do the camo masking in preparation for the Dark Earth.

Three small pieces (two vehicles and one ordnance) needed a flat sealer top coat.

Except for the issues with the Black, it was a pretty successful paint session, and will progress a number of projects down the line.

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