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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

ICM Sdkfz 222

My 1:72 vehicle collection continues to grow. This is the 20th in the series, though some of those are transport carts. I seem to have developed something of a love for recon vehicles. I’ve completed a Daimler armored car, the M1117, the Stryker, and this Sdkfz 222, and have started work on the IBG Otter. And there are still quite a few more to do. Not sure why I gravitate to wheeled vehicles rather than the ones with tracks. But transport and recon seem to be my niche at present.

This is the ICM kit. It is really well detailed, though perhaps a bit overly complex as well. Still, if you want more than 10 parts to your 1:72 armored vehicles, this is what you get nowadays. Some impatience is evident on this model, but I think I was able to compensate well enough. I also tried some dark brown acrylic wash on the lower bits in order to bring out the detail and cut the impression of one gigantic brown model. Whether I did enough is open to interpretation. It is an ongoing bit of work.

There are two bits of photoetch: one for the fuselage body and one for the mesh that encloses the gun compartment. Never my favorite medium, but I managed to get through it without a complete breakdown.

There really aren’t any hidden pitfalls on this model other than the complexity. With patience and attention – not always in my arsenal at least – this will come out well.

Now a word about the pictures. These are indeed taken in the new photo tent, and you can see that the light coverage and exposure are better. I did not, however, use the tripod and the aperture setting on my D40. So there are still some depth of field issues. I needed to get some completions documented, and I decided to take better in lieu of best. It too is an ongoing experiment, so once I get the next few postings done I plan to take some time and really see what can be done. 

This is completed vehicle #20 (12 aircraft, 0 ordnance, 5 vehicles for the year 2018), finished in October of 2018.

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