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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Paint session (Skyvan, Ju-87G, Sdkfz 222, Ki-98)

I finally dragged myself down to the garage for an extended paint session. What with the conversion to the keto diet, house improvements, my wife’s preparation for foot surgery, and the introduction of yet another new pet to our household (along with some lingering lack-of-energy issues) this has been a difficult fall model season to get started.

Everything that was in the previous blog post got its paint on tonight. The Skyvan, with a topcoat of semi-gloss, moves into the completed column as soon as the paint cures and I can get the cockpit masking off.

The Ju-87G got its RLM71, the Ear Falls Norseman its International Orange, the Sdfkz its DAK Yellow, and the Ki-98 and Ohka got the cockpits painted.

The shot below definitely shows a full tray of work (no less than 6 colors). It will be a relief to make some progress on these kits, which have been stalled for much of the late summer. Shortly I’ll be doing a completion writeup on the Skyvan as well.

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