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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Paint session (T-45, AG-4, Ohka, AS-1, Ki-98)

When the paint queue backs up here at the 72Land aircraft production facility, it backs up for real. I had something like 8 or 10 projects needing some form of paint in order to progress. That is intimidating enough to cause me to hold off until I had some lengthy time to get it all done. Of course that “lengthy time” never seems to materialize, so I finally had to force myself out to the garage, with the proviso that if I didn’t finish everything it was no big deal.

As it happens, I did get everything done. Once you get started, it is easier just to put your head down and bull your way to the finish line. As you can see from the photo below, the work actually had to be spread out over two trays.

A matte coat went on to three models: Ju-87G, Sdkfz 222, and the AS-1 Kennel transport cart.

Black went on to the nose of a T-45 Goshawk (required by the decal scheme I’ve chosen). I also put a primer coat on the AG-4 Crusader. Once it cures I’ll be able to see if more buffing is required. It will be getting an Alclad Copper top coat, something I’ve never had occasion to paint before.

The Brengun Ohka got an overall coat of IJN Grey. I’ll need to assemble the little support framework that it will sit on. Alas, Brengun chose to mold that in resin rather than plastic.

The Raduga AS-1 Kennel missile with the orange-peel surface had gotten buffed down as much as I was able – with all the wing fences that is a bit of a challenge. Then I reshot it with a surface  coat of Xtracolour Post Office Red. It looked ok, but will require a closer inspection.

I painted the leading edges of the Ki-98 Yellow. There were a number of things that needed Alclad Aluminum paint: Ki-98 landing gear, AG-4 props, Norseman prop, and wheel wells of the Trent Meteor.

Quite a ton of painting work, but I’m glad that the big job is done. Hopefully I can manage the workflow a bit better to make for smaller loads.


  1. Paint, paint, ahh, the sweet smell of.....WHAT am I saying? Looks like the 72Land World Headquarters Paint Shop is in high gear.

  2. Like I said, sometimes when you get really busy it actually helps you focus and assign time for the hobby. Kinda weird!