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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Paint session (AG-4, F-15C, Trent Meteor)

As part of the effort to push smaller blocks of work through the painting cycle more often, I was out today getting just a few projects moving.

First came the lower surfaces of the Trent Meteor in Trainer Yellow. Once that cures I can mask the lower surfaces off and paint the top RAF Dark Green.

Next came an overall coat of light gray onto the F-15C. It turns out that the proper colors (Light and Dark Ghost Gray) are not part of the Xtracolor range as such. So I tried to get an eyeball match to the light grey, which turned out to be Compass Gray. The dark splotches on the upper surface will be done in Neutral Gray. As it happens, Neutral Gray is the same FS number as Dark Ghost Gray, so no harm no foul there.

Finally, I shot an overall coat of Alclad Copper onto the AG-4 Crusader. Some troubles here. The paint actually splattered a bit and the coverage was spotty. Alclad doesn’t require any thinning, and are basically ready to go out of the bottle once you shake them up with a BB inside the container. Not sure what happened here, but it is likely I’ll need to buff things down a bit and then reshoot with a surface coat. Not a disaster, but a little surprising. You can probably see the uneven finish in the photo below. 

While the paint is curing on these models, I’ll mask up the wing stripes on the Ki-98 and get the cockpit together on the Dora Wings civil Mew Gull. Still working on setting up and refining the photo tent as well.

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