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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Construction progress (DH-91, Aerovan, DH-88, F-15C)

Since the post from a few days back described items that were in the pre-paint stage, here are a few that are still working their way through the construction queue.

I am making slow progress on the DH-91, though I mentioned last posting that I was having trouble getting the individual panes into the fuselage sides without contaminating them with glue. That is always a problem for me. I think I will get one of the Big Planes CRF-200s, which takes a whole different approach to glass. Basically there is a hole in the fuselage where the entire strip of windows is placed – not individually. The key there will be having a masking medium for the oddly-shaped windows. I finally did get the fuselage halves together, so next will come getting the wings and tail attached.

The Mikro-Mir Miles Aerovan also works its way slowly through the queue. The fit has been rather problematic. Not unexpected on a short-run kit – it doesn’t say Tamiya on the box, so it is not like I didn’t expect issues. But there will be a fair amount of putty in the seams when I get the major construction done.

The AZ DH-88 Comet is all together and has its canopy masked, but there are still some putty spots that need a bit of PSR.

I’ve found a new paint scheme for the Raduga AS-1 Kennel missile. It requires nose and tail to be painted Yellow. Plus I don’t have to put a NMF on a surface that has seen more than its share of puttying and sanding.

Just to show that not everything I do comes from the 30s, there is an F-15C on the way, which will use the lavish Oregon ANG markings from a year or two back. 

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