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Monday, December 3, 2018

Paint (Mc-202, CR-25, Otter)

I managed a small paint session this afternoon. Only two colors, though on four models. It was interesting that in the late afternoon I could see my breath in the garage. It is December, after all, but it has been pretty moderate in the last few weeks. Lows in the mid-20s coming this week, though.

The main event was White paint distributed onto three models. Two were Italian models (Mc-202 and CR-25) that needed a fuselage stripe. The final one was the MikroMir Miles Aerovan, which needed an overall White coat for the coming Sivewright Airways decals. Though White can sometimes be a cranky color, all seemed to go pretty well for this session. I’ll have to see how things look when it has cured.

The other color was Mid Bronze Green, applied to a GM Canada Otter light recon vehicle. After the last couple of vehicles, I’m wondering to what extent I should weather this one. I don’t go in for the extreme weathering of some modellers – I’m building what I see as museum examples, not tanks that have been in the mud for 5 months. But I learned with the Sdfkz 222 that a broad expanse of a single color just doesn’t look right to the eye. I think most of what I will do involves dark washes to bring out detail. My airbrush doesn’t have enough precision control at present to highlight panels and hatches in a lighter version of the main color. It is a work in progress and I’ll have to see where it all takes me.

That was pretty much it. I’ll catch up with the recent construction work in the next blog post.

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