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Friday, December 7, 2018

Paint session (AB-43, Mc-202, CR-45)

Another short paint session completed today. And this one had to be short, because it was bloody cold down in the garage. Yes, it being December, the winter season has definitely started making its presence felt. But the 72 Land construction paint shop is nothing if not dedicated to progress in spite of any weather conditions.

First of all, a light gloss overcoat was sprayed on to the T-45. This one is now complete (except for removing the canopy masks) and will be premiering in the completed column shortly.

Next, a repair job was needed on the two Italian fighters. Interestingly, when I sprayed the MRP-301 grey undersides, the paint actually bubbled in a couple of places, on both fighters. It was on the part where the White had previously been applied, but not everywhere the White touched. So why in those particular spots? And why bubble at all? Unknown at present. I’m not that experienced with MRP paints, so I don’t have much of a track record to draw from. It was simple enough to buff the areas down and reshoot, but I really should not have had to. A reaction to spraying over Xtracolor? A problem due to the fact that my airbrush is currently without a water trap due to it breaking off last week? A mystery awaiting further facts.

And then finally, the AB-43 got its coat of Signalbraun. I am still working out how I want to modify the surface via washes etc. A bit of experimentation is in order.

It is always good to make some progress. I’ve been trying to paint in smaller batches rather than save things up for a marathon session, and this seems to be working out so far.

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