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Friday, December 21, 2018

Italeri Autoblinda AB-43

You’ve probably noticed that I have been indulging my liking for Italian aircraft types in the latter half of 2018. The Hasegawa Mc-202 is on the boil, along with the Special Hobby Fiat CR-25. The Breda Br-88, Fiat G-55, and Breda Br-65 are lurking as well. But today’s completion is part of the vehicle expression of this Italian frenzy: the Autoblinda AB-43.

The Autoblinda series is fairly well represented in 1:72 by Italeri. They’ve done the AB-40 (at least the rail-adapted version), the AB-41, the AB-42 Sahariana, and of course this AB-43. My next one will be the AB-42, so I appear to be working backwards through the series.

The model was rather refreshing, given that it followed on the heels of the IBG Otter. Relatively few parts, very nice detailing, and they kept the wheels and hubs separate, which facilitates easier painting. In fact, it all went together with almost indecent haste, and was ready for paint in no time.

I just don’t have any confidence that my current compressor can produce a fine enough line for 1:72 armor camouflage, so I opted for the single-color version that was used by the Roma Polizia in the early 1950s. It was a dark brownish red, and I found Xtracolor Signalbraun to be a pretty good match for my purposes. I did give it a splash of acrylic brown detailing wash to help the details stand out, and it seems to have done a good job of it. Not sure if it will come across on the photos, but in person this is just about the right amount of weathering for me. Your mileage, as always, may vary.

If this had to be the last across the finish line in 2018, I would be happy enough. But I think I can still squeeze out a couple more completions before the fireworks on 12-31.

This is completed vehicle #22 (18 aircraft, 1 ordnance, 7 vehicles for the year 2018), finished in December of 2018.

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