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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Construction (Aerovan, AS-3, S-43)

Given the problems I have had in the last couple of airbrush sessions (which I think I’ve identified as water vapor in the lines due to the destruction of my inline water trap a couple of weeks back), I’ve decided to hold off on any additional airbrushing until I can take some time to adjust to the new compressor – which comes with a water trap and the ability to adjust the air pressure travelling through the brush. Not that I don’t have other work to keep me occupied until the grand unveiling. And that is quite apart from real world issues like having the kids over (along with my son’s new baby) on Christmas Eve.

Since I’ve been able to get all the dangly bits added to the Mikro-Mir Miles Aerovan, the only remaining step is to apply the decals.

I also got a primer coat on the AS-3 missile, though I have found some rough areas that have needed a bit of buffing to get ready for the Alclad Dull Aluminum. The AS-3’s transport cart is mostly assembled and just waiting for the addition of its tires.

I have masked the lower surfaces of the Fiat CR-25 and will be adding an upper surface coat of MRP325 shortly. The new compressor should make the small mottling for the olive green and dark brown camo much more doable.

A Hasegawa Dewoitine D-520 has entered the construction queue and the cockpit is assembled and ready for paint. I might follow this with their MS-406, but that is a decision for 2019.

I’ll also be adding a Sword Sikorsky JRS-1 to the construction process, to use some Avalon Airlines markings that I have coming from Arctic Decals. This is a new set. I was almost taken aback to find on ebay that the Sword kit is selling for $125. If I had two of them I might be tempted to monetize one of them to fund my next couple of Hannants orders! But I don’t.

I had to take down the photo tent (needed the table for food for the kids’ visit). We’ll shortly be bringing the elliptical upstairs and the photo tent will take the space in the lower story. But the upshot is that progress photos will be taken on the fly. Hopefully by the time the next models cross the finish line I will have resumed normal service. 

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