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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Raduga AS-3 Kangaroo transport cart

Not all completions can be characterized as glamorous. Some at best are utilitarian. If they are Cold War Russian, you’re lucky if they don’t look like a tractor. This is the AS-3 transport cart, meant to haul around the AS-3 Kangaroo nuclear missile for the Tu-95.

Like all AModel kits, it had some fit and alignment issues, and definitely falls into the short run kit category. But I still enjoy them because they seem to go out of their way to produce models of the weird and wonderful byways of aircraft development, an area dear to my heart.

As you can guess, the AS-3 itself will shortly be joining the completed category. It got delayed a bit when I realized I was going to have to reshoot the overall NMF (I used trusty Alclad White Aluminum to cover up the Dull Aluminum). So stay tuned; it’ll be popping up after New Years.  

This is completed vehicle #23 (18 aircraft, 1 ordnance, 8 vehicles for the year 2018), finished in December of 2018.

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