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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coming up: IPMS Seattle Spring Show

I do want to put in an unsolicited plug for anyone within driving distance of Seattle who has this Saturday free. It is time for the annual IPMS-Seattle Spring Show. Historically, we are the biggest show north of San Francisco and west of Chicago. We usually pull about 600-700 models into the Renton Community Center and the quality of work is impressive.

I’m already charging my camera batteries, since I try to snap a photo of at least every 1:72 aircraft model in the show. I’ll feature my personal favorites in an upcoming blog entry, and then put in a link to the Photobucket account where the main block of pictures will reside. If you’re looking for other scales or non-aircraft, keep an eye on the IPMS-Seattle site; they usually publish a good selection of shots from the show.

The date is Saturday, 4-7-2012. You can get more details from the website I’ll be wearing my pin from the forum site 72nd Scale Aircraft.


  1. Hope to see you there. Decided to make my monthly trip to Seattle at the appropriate time.

  2. Jim: That's great! It's usually a good show. The weather looks like "good modelling weather" this time. We've had both snow and 70+ degrees on the week of the show, neither of which is good for attendance!