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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting a stalled project moving again

I decided today that it was time for the stalled Me-262 project to move back to a front burner. I don’t want these models ending up on the Shelf of Shame due to neglect – or I may have to build some additional shelving…

One nice thing about moving 5 late-war types through the production line is that they share similar paint schemes. In fact, all five require RLM76. The Me-262B, Me-262C, P-1099, and Bf-109TL all need it as a lower surface color, while the Me-262 3-seater uses it for a top color. Though I doubt they’ll all be ready at once, I can still group them up when the time comes for a paint shop visit.

The P-1099 still needs some seam work and masking of wheel wells, but major construction is complete and the canopy is masked and attached. The Me-262B also has its canopy, but I ran into some trouble here. Along the way, I have managed to lose the frontmost canopy piece. Not having another 262 kit (they’re all on the production line!) I decided to build the frames in place and, when painting is complete, to recreate the three flat panels with Kristal Klear. Yes, I can hear all of you asking if the man has learned nothing from the various disasters in the last stage of model completion. Apparently I have not. The 3-seater needs some more masking and it will be ready for paint. The -B, -C, and 109TL all need some additional construction or masking, but it won’t be long.

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