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Monday, April 2, 2012

Moving along the paint queue

Another paint session that helped move forward no less than 5 models.

First came the cockpit Grey-green, which was sprayed onto the Swordfish, Halifax, Wellesley, and Katsuodori. Although I routinely use this grey-green for both Italian and Japanese interiors as well as British, it may be that the IJN ones at least were a little darker and less grayish green. But given that the little IJN 46 fighter is so small, and very little can be seen through the canopy, I think I will let the loose rules for factually nonexistent fighters take over. In other words, close enough.

Later I also was able to shoot the Black undersides of the Special Hobby 3-seater Me-262. This model has gotten together pretty well for an early SH kit (excepting the slipped canopy, which was fully my fault and not the kit’s). Also, I took the opportunity to paint the Black undersides of the Vickers Wellesley.

Finally, there was a matte topcoat to shoot on a few nearly finished models. Lots of result for a minimal number of paint changes.

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