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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back to the paint room

After a couple of successful trips to the paint shop, I was worried that my streak was going to run aground. Red, one of those difficult paints, was on the agenda.

First up was the vertical fins of the Kayaba Katsuodori. This Meng kit is really delightfully simple, fit well, and is an unusual shape to add to the lineup. I’m quite interested to see what comes after this and their announced twin-boom IJN46 prototype.

Next came the red coat on the heavily masked Trumpeter Karakorum K-8. This little trainer, not dissimilar to a BAe Hawk, spent some time on the Shelf of Shame due to the intimidating masking job that was required. But I finally bit the bullet and got the job done this week. The paint for both this and the Katsuodori seemed to go on fairly well, but still will probably require buffing and a surface coat before decals.

The MQ-9 will likely need some attention, if only because the Light Compass Gray paint went on a tad thick and got a bit of the orange-peel look. Not enough to scrap the whole paint job; I think some polishing with small grit sandpaper will take care of things. One thing I will warn you about on this kit is the nose probe. It is one of the thinnest bits of molding I’ve seen in a while, and if you bump it at any time after construction, you’ll just be feeding the Carpet Monster. So be very careful when handling the kit. This one is in RAF markings, if only because the other two drones I’ve done (MQ-1 and RQ-4) are both in USAF colors.

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