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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adding a Brigand and a Lockeed Twin

Just a quick note to catch up on the construction work for the last couple of days.

I have brought two new models into the production cycle. First is the Bristol Brigand, the postwar follow up to the Beaufighter. This is the Valom kit, and it seems to be engineered better than earlier kits from this manufacturer. Most of the kit is injected plastic, as is the canopy. Due to the sale price at the Great Models going-to-Missouri sale a few weeks back, I had to buy the T4 boxing instead of the B1 box that I really wanted. It turns out that the plastic is the same in both, and I already had a Freightdog decal sheet with the MSG over black color scheme that I was after.

The other is the Special Hobby Lockheed 12. I’ve planned a leisurely trip through the Lockheed Twins, starting with the smallest of the pack. It is mindful of a C-45, except for the canopy/cockpit area. I likely will use the kit markings for one of the British Airways types, if I can figure out exactly what Beige Green is supposed to be referring to. I’ve heard some people conjecture that a good choice would be Sky, and others Light Slate Grey. More research is clearly called for, probably in the massive yellow “Lockheed Twins” book from Air Britain I picked up a few years back.

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