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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Painting a yellowjacket... yellow

There was a trip to the paint shop on the schedule tonight, though not much was involved. An overall matte top coat on the A-7, the first yellow coat on the new Airfix Gnat (planned to be a Yellowjacket leader, with the black tail), and the gear bays for the Hawk T2 destined for 4 Squadron markings.

I’ve also spent some time on the PSR process for the Matchbox Meteor NF11. The seams where pieces meet on the fuselage nose and tail, as well as the insert for the fuselage top and even wings, seems to slope down to the places they touch, resulting in a furrow that needs to be puttied up. It is a lot of work, but at least it eliminates the raised lines that remain in the vicinity.

I also did some cobbling about on the Sword P-47N. Just a mask job on the canopy and a bit of painting on the resin engine. When all that dries I can start on the paint cycle.

The last bit of business for the weekend was masking off the International Orange parts of the B-50. I should be able to start painting it the next time I have a paint session ready to go.


  1. that yellow looks like Xtracolor RLm 04 Gelb - which always sprays hopelessly for me!

  2. Actually it is Xtracolour X019 Rescue Yellow. I wanted a slightly more lemony yellow, a different tone from Trainer or Insignia Yellow. But it doesn't spray any better than any other yellow; trust me on that!