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Sunday, May 6, 2012

An escapee from the Shelf of Shame

I mentioned a few days ago that I brought a partially finished model out from the Shelf of Shame. This was a fully built and mostly painted Italeri Me-323. It needed to have its top coat of RLM71 completed (mostly the fuselage under the wings and tail, which is some masking work). Then today came the RLM79 patches, since this is a North African version. I was a bit concerned, since this would be a freehand job, not something that my paint mixing talents – or my airbrush in its present configuration, for that matter – are very good at. But I was quite pleased when the job was done.

The last two models in the Me-262 project also got their matte topcoats. They will be premiering on the blog shortly. I think the Swordfish’s Cerrux Grey (in the guise of Light Aircraft Grey) portions have been sorted now, so there will be some remasking and a lot of construction. That really is a deceptively complicated and difficult kit. Well, difficult is probably harsh; but you need to be on your toes when you are building it. Lots of parts, options, and fit adjustments to do in order to be successful. But that seems to be what many in our hobby want, so I hope it is a success for Airfix. It surely beats the pants off of any previous 1:72 Swordfish kit.

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