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Monday, February 18, 2019

Paint session (DH-91, cockpits)

In the midst of these completions, the weather thawed out a bit and I was able to venture out into the garage – which was still bloody cold, mind you – for a paint session.

I needed to get a topcoat on the F-15C, which will feature as a completion shortly. Also, I painted a coat of White Aluminum on the DH-91. Still having some residual issues with a certain period of Alclad paints. I ended up throwing one bottle out and starting up with another. Whether that will be adequate is a decision I will make once everything cures. I suspect some buffing and respraying will be necessary.

I put the final bit of mottling on the Italian AF Hurricane in X101 Light Earth. Not as tight a line as I would like, but it will serve. That is the last painting to be done on this model, so once I strip off the masking it will be time to add landing gear, doors, and other details.

Tires have once again been backing up the painting queue. So I did a Euro 1 Dark Gray on D-520, Lancaster, two MS-406s, and the Macchi Mc-200 from HobbyBoss.

But cockpits lined up this time too. I tend to use a common RAF Grey-green for most Italian, French, and British cockpits, which is adequate for closed canopies. So the two MS-406s and the Macchi Mc-200 got the treatment.

This should progress a number of projects, though I still think some work will be required before I can go much further on the DH-91. BTW, the photo below was taken after the second coat of Alclad White Aluminum went on, so I think it will be ok to continue the work on this one, primarily adding the landing gear and painting the prop spinners. 

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