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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Paint session (Lanc, DH-88)

The final paint session of February 2019 was something of a mixed bag. Most things went well, but there was one thoroughly problematical moment.

The matte topcoat for the Autoblinda AS-42 Sahariana went well enough, until I noticed that the Euro Grey that I’ve been using for tires had rubbed off in one large spot. I’ve since repaired that, but it is now glossy while the rest of the model is matte. So there will likely be one last matte shot sometime soon. This model will be getting its premiere in March.

I put some X136 Light Compass Grey onto the undersides of the first MS-406 to make it to the painting process. Looked fine, so more masking and the first of the upper surface camo colors should be next in line. Since I needed a light grey for the nosecone of the Italian AF Eurofighter special, I used the same color.

The problematic issue came when I needed to shoot Black onto the lower surfaces of the Tiger Force Lancaster, the Black Magic DH-88, and various props. This is a new tin of paint, and I seemed to be having trouble getting the thinning ratio correct. First it was too thick, then too thin. Coverage was pretty lousy and it even ran in a couple of spots on the Lanc. The DH-88 might be salvageable, but the Lanc is going to need some buffing and a reshoot. I was worried that the props would be a mess too, but once the Black cured it seems to have righted itself. So the Lancaster and one possible spot on the Comet will require some rework.

These problems always seem to come on the last color that I open up for a paint session. Things weren’t helped by it being so cold in the garage as well. My fingers were numb by the time I got to mixing the last color. This was an evening session, so I think I am just going to have to do these during the daytime when the temps are at least over 40 F.

Lots of doctor visits and procedures in the next few weeks, but not for me for once. It appears that my wife’s foot tendon may have actually ruptured after reconstructive surgery, which is a huge PITA for her. Next week will be an MRI to see what is going on in there as best we can, and then we’ll need to decide where we go from here. Nothing but excitement here in the grand duchy of 72 Land.

One bit of good news: I’ve completed construction of one of my Ikea Detolf display cases. The bad news is that they are smaller than I had hoped and barely made a dent in the number of models I was able to load into it. Pictures coming shortly.

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