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Friday, February 1, 2019

Paint session (tires, AS-4 transport cart, D-520, F-15, F11F)

Another short paint session today. Fairly trouble free, though I did run out of paint mid-spray on one model and decided to delay completion rather than spend the time to search my stock for another tin of the same paint.

The main event was all those tires that have accumulated from a bunch of projects which seem to have hit the same stage at the same time. Many came from a recent Hannants order. The hubs had already been painted Aluminum, so after searching for appropriate-sized circle masking tape, I shot no less than 5 sets of tires. D-520, Mc-202, two Hurricanes, the DH-91, and the Trent Meteor. I have decided to invest in one of those Maketar precut circle packages to try and make this process easier when I don’t have a canopy masking set for the model I’m working on – which generally come with wheel hub masks.

I put a coat of Russian Dark Green on the AS-4 transport cart, as well as an overall coat (not including the masked-off nosecone) of Alclad Duralumin on the AS-4 missile itself. After decaling, the AS-4 at least should be ready for its debut. The transport cart is still a step behind, since I will need to mask its wheels. What is it about wheels this month?

I put the second camo color onto the D-520. In this case it was Neutral Gray, which seems a generally accepted match for the French light grey. Next comes more masking and a final camo color of X115 Field Green. Since the airbrush was loaded with Neutral Gray, I used that as the primer for the DH-91. And that is the one I ran out of mid-model. No worries, since it is only a primer coat in any case.

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