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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Airfix Hawker Hurricane ragwing

As long-term followers know, Hurricane variations are one of my interests. There are a number of adequate and some quite excellent kits and lots of decal options. My only problem is the usual one: where to put them all when completed.

I just received the Arma metal winged Hurricane 1 and it is now in the beginning of the construction process. I also just recently finished an F2b in South African AF markings. But this particular completion is the Airfix ragwing (which seems to be out of stock at many retailers at present). It’s a little gem of a kit, and while it doesn’t fall together, the application of minimal modelling skills – which is about all I can manage! – gets it together pretty well.

The markings are for a captured Italian AF version in the Western Desert. They come from Kora 72070, which covers three options from Italy. Decals are simple: wing fasces roundels and the cross on the tail. But the paint job was another case altogether. This was another model that had to wait a bit until the new compressor was available in late December. For colors, I used X133 for the undersides, X110 Forest Green for the green background, X102 Tan for the large mottling, and X101 Light Earth for the smaller detail mottling. Again, the compressor’s air pressure was turned all the way down. There is still some overspray, but things are improving a bit on that front. This is definitely still a learning curve for me, and Axis mottling is as good a practice ground as you can have for this skill. I am on the whole happy with the result. By the time we get around to the Fiat CR-25 I think it should be starting to look pretty good.

BTW, this is the one that had a cracked canopy out of the box, but given the way I've positioned the photo angles, I don't think you can easily tell. 

This is completed aircraft #509 (7 aircraft, 1 ordnance, 1 vehicles for the year 2019), finished in February of 2019.

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