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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Paint session (DH-91, Hurricane, D-520)

Before we get to the rash of completed models that have crossed the finish line in the last week or two, I would like to summarize a recent paint session, since it included some experimentation. Lots of matte and gloss topcoats, as you might expect with a number of projects nearing completion, but some of the other work was interesting as well.

The main point of interest was putting the mottle onto the captured Italian Hurricane. There are actually two mottle colors on this aircraft, the first being X102 Tan. Next time will be X101 Light Earth, both substituting for Italian colors that Xtracolour does not produce as such. But this required a much tighter line than I have  been capable of producing in the past. Enter the new compressor, with a pressure regulator. I cranked it almost to zero in order to have as little air as possible moving through. I still did some standard thinning on the Xtracolour paint, though I worried that the different air pressure might make it too thin and prone to run. It was, I would say, a qualified success. The circular mottling was there, though not quite as well defined as I would have liked. There is evidence of a bit of overspray as well. I am happy enough with it to move on to the next step, but the next time I have to do this with greater precision I might have to invest in another needle and airbrush tip of a smaller radius. Stay tuned.

The D-520 got its third and final color for its French camo, this time X115 Field Green. Not too much to spray since it is still covered in masking tape from the lower surface color and the two previous camo colors. Once everything is dry and the masking tape stripped it will be adding details like landing gear, doors, and prop. I think this might be the first French WW2 aircraft I have completed. I enjoyed it enough that I have moved the Hasegawa MS-406 into short finals for the construction queue.

The final project to receive paint was the Valom DH-91 Albatross. This was a primer coat of Neutral Gray, mostly just to provide an even coat for the coming Alclad and to spot if it needs any additional seam work. The seams haven’t completely vanished, but I think they are adequate for my needs, especially since this won’t be in any competitions.

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