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Saturday, February 9, 2019

And lo, there shall come... The Snowpocalypse!

I am trying to return to modelling content here, but as so many of us have noted before, 
Life TM can on occasion provide an interrupt to our hobbies. And we got one last night here in the Great Northwest: the Great Snowstorm of 2019. Well, so far.

This one apparently has a name: Winter Storm Maya. Here on Saturday morning (2-9-2019) we are sitting with roughly a foot of snow on the ground. And with a high of 33 and a low of 11 today, it doesn’t look like there is any relief in the short term. In fact, the first likelihood of something coming down other than in snow form is Thursday, when the temps will be driven up to a balmy 42 during the day. These are all F temps, for benefit of the sarcasm-resistant.

Compare the photos below to the ones from earlier in the week. There was no trash pickup last Monday and I suspect there won’t be one this Monday either. The garage is becoming the staging area for trash bags until we get some barrel space available. At least we still have power: 37,000 WA residents do not. And the wind is picking up too. This place is starting to look like North Dakota – snows once and then blows around for the rest of the winter.

I’ve been taking the time available to move all my photo equipment into the daylight basement, so I should be able to take some pics of the multiple completions in early 2019 before too much longer. As a teaser, how about Fw-200 airliner, SAAF Hurricane, AS-4 Kitchen missile and transport cart, F11F Blue Angels, Mc-202, and F-15 in Oregon ANG special markings. And of course the two Ikea Detolf display cases (with extra shelves) continue to take shape, though they seem to be progressing in a glacial time frame. So there is hope on the horizon for new content that doesn’t involve frozen landscapes!

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