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Friday, February 22, 2019

Construction (A-4, MS-406 x3, Eurofighter)

Now that the rush of January and February completions has started to slow down a bit, I was able to concentrate on construction. Having just completed a D-520, I thought the next most logical type to attempt was the Morane-Sauliner MS-406 by Hasegawa. I had inherited a box of parts from a modeler who was exiting the public part of the hobby, and was surprised to find no less than 3 kits in the box. Two Hasegawa and one Heller. At present, I have painted the cockpits and started working on major assembly. Next comes masking and attaching the canopies, though I am waiting for some masking sets from Hannants for the last 2. 

After completing the F11F, I was also inspired to continue on with my long-stalled Blue Angels project. I happened to have a BA boxing of the Fujimi kit, so that was the one I picked. I also acquired a couple of CAM Blue Angels decals. They are for a regular single-seat BA aircraft and for their two-seat “Casper” version, that was painted all white. “Beetle Bomb”, the yellow Bearcat, is already in the lineup, so another one-off will help to complete the set. After this there is only the F-18 to go, though I will have to do the support aircraft eventually as well (C-130, Connie, and DC-4). I may have to go looking for even more display space when that part of the sequence comes up.

Since I was already painting the A-4 cockpit a dark Gray, I decided to use Dark Admiralty Grey and paint another Eurofighter special at the same time. Since I don’t have any more RAF specials, this will likely be another Italian AF variation, from the Italeri boxing that had no less than 4 Italian Air Force anniversary aircraft. I’ve finished one, so only three to go! And the German specials, the new Spanish Tiger Meet special that just came out in decal form, and… The Profoundly Average Modeller’s TM work is never done.

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