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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hasegawa Macchi Mc-202 Folgore

I have a soft spot for the Italians in WW2. They are so gloriously full of bluster and seriously incompetent. They got beat up by Ethiopia for heaven’s sake. They are sort of the Cleveland Browns of WW2 armed forces.

I’ve got a large number of Italian types in the stash. I’ve dabbled in them occasionally, but with my recent resolve to try and complete as many types that I’ve never completed before as possible, the Italians and French (who you could say most of the same things about, except the getting beat up by Ethiopia part) have moved higher on the list of projects.

Hence this completion, the Macchi Mc-202. This is the Hasegawa kit, which has indeed been in the stash for years. It went together like most Hasegawa kits: excellent fit but less than stellar internal detail. As I’ve said before, since I resolutely keep cockpit canopies closed, this is not a serious issue for me.

A lot of the reason I chose this type was the chance to use PrintScale smoke ring decals. And they went on well enough, but be aware that they are very thin and have a tendency to wrinkle at the first opportunity. You’re better off doing a portion of the model – one wing, for instance – and then giving the decals a chance to dry, preferably with some setting solution on them. In general, I think the job went well enough. You’ll notice that the markings feature the stray cat emblem. This was done as an homage to Bean, our latest rescue cat.

You may remember some of the problems I had with MRP Paints lifting when I removed the masking tape for the White fuselage stripe. I repaired it all as best I could and from the appropriate distance (roughly 2 miles) it looks all right. I’ve even decided to pick up the Italeri Mc-205 and build it as well.

This is completed aircraft #506 (4 aircraft, 1 ordnance, 1 vehicles for the year 2019), finished in February of 2019.

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