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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

AModel Raduga AS-4 Kitchen and transport cart

It may be perceived as a bit eccentric, but I have a category for aerial ordnance. This covers all sorts of smart bombs, dumb bombs, atomic bombs and missiles. I’m not really very interested in them in terms of individual aircraft loadout (some modellers rather obsess over this) but I think they will make a nice little display of the evolution of aerial destruction when I finish enough of them. For some reason I seem to be concentrating on atomic weapons and air-to-surface missiles. Some of that is due to what is available. But it turns out that I’ve found no less than 15 Soviet air-to-surface missiles that have been either produced as separate kits or as accessory sets. It’s possible there are more out there packaged as part of an aircraft’s war load, so I may not have them all pinned down yet.

I’ve completed the AS-1 Kennel, AS-3 Kangaroo, and AS-6 Kingfish. This particular completion is the Raduga AS-4 Kitchen and its associated transport cart. Both are kitted by AModel.

AModel, depending on factors like how early the mold was made and who worked on it, can be good or bad. This one is generally decent, with fit not being a huge issue – on its total of 8 missile parts. There still was some seam work to be done, but not much.

After painting the nosecone a Dark Grey and the body of AS-4 in Duralumin, I applied a portion of the supplied stencil decals. Most wouldn’t be seen, and in any case they have a tendency to silver just a bit.

The transport cart actually consists of more parts and is the more complex build. Still, I worked my way through it, and painted it an overall Russian military green.

This is completed ordnance #13 and completed vehicle #24 (2 aircraft, 1 ordnance, 1 vehicle for the year 2019), finished in February of 2019.

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